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Golden Gardens

If formidable circumstances are deemed “no picnic” (“I-5 traffic at the moment sure as hell ain’t no picnic!”) then shouldn’t picnic, sans the negative prefix, infer the opposite? Picking up Ezell’s Chicken take-out and heading to Lake Washington is pretty breezy, but if you want to do it in style at a place like Golden Gardens, with its sandy shores and breathtaking panoramas of the snow-brushed Olympics, be prepared to plan. The beach is a city-owned park, and having a picnic—at least the kind where a table is involved—requires jumping through a few hoops. First? Make a reservation via snail mail, fax and phone (after April 1st), then be prepared to pony up anywhere from $30-$110 for a shelter. Should your needs be simple, just a table will set you back a ten spot. Not bad for elevation that will help keep the trail of ants from marching away with your spread, one crumb at a time. Once your reservation is confirmed, a picnic permit will be issued—come armed with it to chase away any hoodlums poaching your spot. Then, enjoy! Get your hustle on, they’ve got tables open for Labor Day but they won’t last long.

Thu., Aug. 23

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