Hated + The Murder Junkies

Monday, August 27

In high school, a friend of mine used to get scolded by his strict Catholic mother for owning Hated, Todd Phillips’ classic documentary on shock-punk GG Allin. We’d be over at his house, laughing and cringing at the moments when GG throws up hot dogs while getting pissed on by a hooker, or when he whips out his minuscule pee-pee on stage and starts beating off. Or when he swallows a whole bunch of laxatives before a show and starts hurling his own poo at the audience like a zoo monkey. Since then, I’ve debated about whether this documentary (actually Phillips’ NYU senior project) was actually good or just insanely entertaining. After watching this reissue, remembering how touchingly GG sang Warren Zevon’s “Carmelita,” then laughing again when he pukes up hot dogs, I’ve decided it’s both. The Murder Junkies (with GG’s brother Merle), appropriately share the bill with this shit storm. With Hellbound for Glory and 12 Gauge Saint.

Mon., Aug. 27, 9 p.m.

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