Rivet Fair


Bust out your gingham, plaid, and denim—though perhaps not all in the same ensemble—and get your pie-lovin’, beer swiggin’, alt-country groovin’ self down to FAIR, RIVET’s indie take on a country hoedown. This involves a cupcake walk, a pie-eating contest, and a whole lot of beer. “The idea for FAIR started with pie . . . and exploded from there,” says RIVET Editor Leah Baltus. “I, for one, cannot wait to see a dozen people slam their faces into pies.” The Maldives will be providing the country-fried soundtrack for the magazine’s benefit event, though singer Jason Dodson will be steering clear of the pie-eating. “Can’t afford the calories. That’s what beer is for.” Farm-raised bonus from Baltus: “If the stars align, there may even be a goat!” Yee-haw! Hugo House, Cabaret, 1634 11th Ave.,

Sun., Aug. 26, 1 p.m.

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