2 Days in Paris: Julie Delpy and Adam Goldberg Aren’t Completely Annoying

Before Sunrise, Before Sunset, and now...Before Sunset With a Vengeance? Whatever the label, the Richard Linklater–less Julie Delpy now steps behind the camera to direct a relationship flick that's hardly original but intermittently enjoyable. She and Adam Goldberg play a quarrelsome New York couple visiting her folks in Paris, a city not treated too differently than in Art Buchwald's Don't Drink the Water (or Woody Allen's TV adaptation of same). In other words, a familiar place fraught with light comedy, cultural incomprehension, and gags about hygiene and food—all of which Goldberg has down pat. ("This whole city smells like lamb," he complains.) Plus fat American tourists in Bush T-shirts, and Goldberg even wears a Gitmo shirt, just so we know where things stand politically. Delpy's directing style is willfully loopy and scattered, like her character. Neither she nor 2 Days emulsifies into anything substantial, yet the film works as a kind of dithering emotional diary.

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