Bumbershoot AfterParty with the Bowerbirds

Sunday, September 2

A couple of years ago, Chop Suey’s Bumbershoot After Party provided me with one of the best nights I’ve had in Seattle. The Long Winters were the “unannounced” main attraction (yeah, I know, we can see them any time, but that’s not the point here). It was one of those rare nights where the entire city was bursting with energy and everywhere you went, everyone was having a great time. John Roderick & Co. tore through a high-energy set of everyone’s favorites, the place was shoulder-to-shoulder, and everyone was sweaty, including Roderick, whose tortoise-shell glasses kept slipping to the edge of his nose all night. This year, Chop Suey has booked North Carolina indie-hippie-folk band the Bowerbirds, who are like a woodsier Vetiver. That alone should be enough of a draw, but, as Chop Suey will tell you . . . you never know who might show up.

Sun., Sept. 2, 9 p.m.

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