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The brain behind the titles

AIGA Seattle and the Northwest Film Forum host a night with a modern renaissance man of graphic design, typography, and animation, in Living Typography, Dying Typography: An Evening with Kyle Cooper. As the mastermind behind over 150 highly stylized and very memorable film title sequences, such as Se7en and the Spider-Man trilogy, Cooper has the ability to capture a film’s essence through extraordinary and sometimes shocking opening credits, putting him in high demand in Hollywood. Notorious for his methodical research, he created a typeface for the opening of The Mummy that meshed Roman letters and hieroglyphics, and even kept and bred black widow spiders to study for the Spider-Man sequences. Tonight’s show will feature his work, a firsthand account of his creative process, and an opportunity for audience questions. Meet the auteur whom Hollywood directors have described as “the guy who makes title sequences better than the movie.” Reception at 6 p.m., program at 7 p.m.

Thu., Aug. 30, 7 p.m.

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