Losin’ It

Two geeks on an epic quest

A couple of chronically unpopular best friends (Michael Cera and Jonah Hill), about to graduate high school, find themselves invited to a legitimately cool party. Goodbye, Friday nights chugging Old Milwaukees in their parents’ basements; hello, getting shitfaced in the company of a few dozen of their not-particularly-close friends. More importantly, having completed their independent study in Internet porn, our heroes finally get the chance to put their virtual carnal knowledge to practical use. Provided, that is, they can actually get to the party. Superbad turns into something like the Lord of the Rings of adolescent nookie movies—a hazard-filled journey towards the fiery gates of Mount Poon. It’s achingly funny, but what sets it apart from other high school comedies is its sweet, soulful vulnerability. Make no mistake: Superbad is a movie about getting wasted and getting laid, but it is above all an ode to the end of teenage innocence in all its wonderful, horrible splendor. (R) Pacific Place and other area theaters.

Tue., Sept. 4

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