Shhh—a Bumbercomic’s sneaking into Belltown

Psst. We know something you don’t know! Outside the hoopla of Bumbershoot, other shows will actually be going on in Seattle! (Gasp!) Unfortunately, due to some roll-your-eyes non-compete clause in their contract, Bumbershoot comedians cannot advertise or promote other shows they may be doing in town during Labor Day weekend. So we can’t name names, but you should know a renowned national headliner will be performing at the Jewel Box Theater’s comedy showcase alongside Alex Koll and local talent Paul Merrill and Derek Sheen. Hints about the secret standup? Show co-organizer Sheen remains tight-lipped: “We can mention the headliner has been on Comedy Central. We can mention this performer is one of the top young comedians in the country. And I think we can mention the performer is Jewish. Actually, I might need to check on that last one.” Alright, gumshoes, now go to the Bumbershoot lineup list and do the math yourself.

Fri., Aug. 31, 8 p.m.

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