Under my Bum-ber-ella

Someone had to make that joke

Summer jams like Rihanna’s “Umbrella” are impossible to avoid; so is getting trampled on your way to the quieter sectors of Bumbershoot. If you’re more excited this year to stroll through the Northwest Rooms—where visual art exhibits include A Place to Be (art of and inspired by Nick Drake); Claimin’ Space, curated by BLVD Gallery’s Damion Hayes; Miranda July’s and Harrell Fletcher’s Learning to Love You More; and a Seattle-Havana Poster Show—than to sing along to “Don’t Dream It’s Over,” consider this your free pass. Just take an executive lunch and attend the 2007 Mayor’s Arts Awards Ceremony at noon, where this year’s honorees for excellence in the local arts scene will be celebrated. They include B-Boy group Massive Monkees (finally), literary center Richard Hugo House (ditto), Earshot Jazz, and Garfield High School Director of Jazz Bands Clarence Acox Jr., among other worthy recipients. Post-ceremony, the art’s open to all until 6 p.m. Seattle Center, Northwest Court (ceremony), Northwest Rooms (Bumbershoot Visual Arts Exhibit).

Fri., Aug. 31, noon

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