Balls Out

An unintentionally off-color suburban celebration

It would be extremely hazardous to let a bunch of little kids run through city streets with live bulls, a la Pamplona. Running around with live bulls is best left to drunken adults with a death wish. But for tykes, there’s Edmonds’ annual “Running of the Balls,” where balls fill in for bulls. Not bull’s balls or human balls, but tennis balls—thousands of them, released by dump truck into the streets of Edmonds, pursued by scores of children armed with newspapers to swat them with. Emceeing the event is Euro-tour kingpin and stoner extraordinaire Rick Steves, and calling the ball-on-ball action will be a track announcer from Emerald Downs. Balls, weed, gambling: all represented at the Running of the Balls. Ex-Sonic James Donaldson, TV personality John Curley, and former NBA player/salvage artist Joe Pace will also be on hand for a day filled with sports, fitness, and fun. But all you should care about are those balls. The balls are where the action’s at. (See the day’s complete schedule of events at

Sat., Sept. 8, 6 p.m.

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