Tuesday, September 11

The success of Brighton-based composer Simon Green’s latest Ninja Tune album, last year’s Days to Come, has as much to do with his brilliant arrangements as Bajka, a Ubiquity/Compost artist whose jazzy, buttery vocals keep Days from drifting into Back to Mine oblivion. Can’t lie, this sensual platter is perfect for 4 a.m. any way you want to welcome it, but mere background sound it’s not. As Bonobo, Green gives dignity to come-down music with elegant percussion and a Gilles Peterson-style fever for global sounds that never comes off as slack. We expect he’ll approach tonight’s DJ set (no Bajka in the house, unfortunately) with a similar, singular flair. With Zac Hendrix and DJ Introcut.

Tue., Sept. 11, 9 p.m.

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