Dinosaur Jr + Band of Horses

Tuesday, September 11

What? Really? This pairing isn’t as strange as the upcoming Arcade Fire/LCD Soundsystem show, or as tenuously linked as the !!!/Field tour, but it’s nonetheless hella exciting. It’ll be J’s, Murph’s and Lou’s second Seattle show since the May release of Beyond, their first new material in over a decade. Beyond sounds deliciously similar to You’re Living All Over Me, one of the three early Dinosaur Jr albums that recently got the re-master/re-release treatment (and one of the reasons I maintain that 1987 was among the Best Years Ever for music). And while its title famously alludes to Barlow bugging the shit out of Mascis, it appears that the reformed trio is playing nice, while continuing to shred. Long linked to Sub Pop, the band shares the bill with that label’s biggest success story of late, the masterfully moody Band Of Horses.

Tue., Sept. 11, 7 p.m.

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