Edge of Seventeen

Artists reveal what gets under their skin

Studio mates and culture vultures Allison Manch and Ariana Page Russell aren’t content to wear their passions on their sleeves. Instead, they’ve catalogued their influences and obsessions through custom temporary tattoos bearing the faces (Kate Bush), lyrics (Blondie) and rock iconography (diamonds, feathers) of ‘70s and ‘80s pop/punk stars. We view the placement and prominence of each touchstone through Manch’s and Russell’s photographs and collage. Leather and Lace is born from their interests in textile work, and ornament, respectively. Russell has investigated before how exteriors “reveal as they conceal, such as the emotional power of the blush.” For this show, however, she chose subjects who historically, heroically, didn’t do much of that. Opening reception: 6 -8 p.m. Thurs., Sept. 6.

Sept. 6-30, 2007

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