Hip-hop night with Locke

Monday, September 10

Hip-Hop Night? In Ballard? Say it ain’t so! But it’s true. New Sunset booker Mike Jaworski took a risk a couple months ago by debuting a night of hip-hop hosted by Ballard MC, Locke. Mind you, former Sunset booker Kwab Copeland booked hip-hop acts, but never a monthly. They’ve only done two so far, but they’ve been near sell-outs both times…and on weeknights, no less. Indeed, the face of Ballard Ave is changing. We have no idea what Jaworski and Locke have in store this time around, but the last one was headlined by our own Saturday Knights, if that’s any indication. Between hip-hop at the Sunset and the increasing regularity of successful hip-hop shows at Nectar, we may be witnessing the birth of a North End scene. What's next? B-boys hanging in front of Fred Meyer?

Mon., Sept. 10, 9 p.m.

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