Hippie Birthday

Observing the Summer of Love’s 40th with a movie minifestival

Grand Illusion Cinema has invited Dennis Nyback, film archivist and real-life hippie, to cinematically celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Summer of Love. Their “Have a Psychedelic Summer Film Festival” runs September 7-14 in increments that Nyback describes as “entertaining, educational, and 90 minutes long.” Each evening will focus on a different nugget of ‘60s pop culture. See drug scare films such as Drugs Killers or Dillers? (co-written by a teenaged Matt Groening) and LSD: Trip or Trap?, or enter the world of Scopitones—a kind of pre-MTV music video, featuring artists like Paul Anka and Debbie Reynolds lipsynching while acting out corny scenes. Educational films abound as well, including The Viet Nam War and How We Got There, to be played on 9/11 in what Nyback promises was an unplanned coincidence. The closing night’s “Psychedelic Music Show” will include footage of the musicians—from John and Yoko at their Bed-In to the 1910 Fruit Gum Company—that provided the era’s soundtrack. Nyback himself will be there to introduce each film and relate his own personal experiences. See Web site for a full schedule.

Sept. 7-13

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