Patterson Hood

Thursday, September 6

If there were a Grammy category for Best Between-Song-Banter, Patterson Hood would likely receive annual nominations for his leadership role in the Drive-By Truckers, or his periodic solo stints, when he takes the stage armed only with his guitar, liberal proclivities, and natural charisma. Tonight he plays in the latter context, and his brand of sharp-tongued, poetic wisdom is the sort of thing well-worth showing up early for, just to be as close to the stage as possible while he doles out insights and anecdotes that range from profane to profound with equal ease. He always brings a generous sampling of TruckersÂ’ material with him, but also throws in some excellent, unexpected covers. Hood says this will be the last opportunity to see him solo for quite some time, so donÂ’t miss your chance tonight..

Thu., Sept. 6, 9 p.m.

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