I’m Too Sexy For My Fleece

Can I buy you a skirt?

I think yoga pants and a Cupcake Royale T-shirt can take you anywhere in the 98xxx zip codes you’d want to go, but apparently Seattle is shedding its aloof style image as it welcomes more boutiques, fashion blogs, and shows, like Thread. “Seattle is way more fashion-forward than San Diego,” Thread organizer Alex Matthews says (Thread’s first show was in San Diego). “People in Seattle are way more tuned in to what fashion is about. They’re trying to wear clothes no one has ever seen before.” Take that, SoCal hipsters! More than 65 independent fashion and accessories designers, including local favorites Prairie Underground and Suzabelle, will be featured at the show. The denim bar, offering brands like AG and Diesel for up to 50% off retail, was immediately mobbed at last year’s event. And the jeans are worth it if you’re willing to dig and throw some elbows when necessary. Word of advice: Wear leggings and throw modesty out the window to avoid waiting for a dressing room.

Sun., Sept. 16, 11 a.m.-6 p.m.

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