That’s So Seattle

The sweet sound of the street

This year at Bumbershoot, whom did I see but that damn silver fairy again? Every year, the same thing! Same silver dress, same silver goggles, same long blonde wig, and she just stands there and collects $$$. Get me in on that action. Today you can check out people whose talents extend beyond statue role-playing at the sixth annual Pike Place Market Buskers’ Festival. The regulars will surely be there—the piano guy by the French bakery, the handsome, hula-hooping harmonica/guitar player (who might sing you a custom tune on the spot), longtime folkster Jim Page, Artis the Spoonman, you betcha—along with everyone else. There’s nothing like picking up some fresh produce as the haunting sounds of a shamisen fade into a vaudevillian accordion a few steps away. Bring tip money; they’re not just doing it for a song.

Sun., Sept. 16, 11 a.m.-5 p.m.

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