Three’s No Crowd

Some sexpert advice on negotiating non-monogamous amours

If the Playboy Mansion reality show The Girls Next Door is indeed reality, then Hugh Hefner saunters through life dating and living with a vapid but beautiful blonde mafia who all adore him. The blondest girl is given the privilege of sleeping in Hef’s bed each night, and the two less-blonde girls (bless their hearts) don’t give a rat’s ass about it. You, too, can live like Hef if your heart so desires. Followers of polyamory (poly means many; amor means love) think monogamous relationships trigger control and jealousy issues, so they form sexual and emotional bonds with multiple people on an honest and consensual basis. Robert Allen will give an hour-long workshop on what the world of polyamory entails and how to get involved in it. The class won’t guarantee you a $15 million mansion with a grotto full of naked babes, but should you stumble across a situation in which you or your honey are attracted to a third party, Allen’s pointers could be useful.

Tue., Sept. 18, 7:30 p.m.

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