Letters to the Editor


DEAR EDITOR: Thank you so much for your article about the Skate Church on Alki. This is an honest effort to help kids move forward with their lives.Dr. Jim Hayford Sr. Senior Pastor, Eastside Foursquare Church Bothell


DEAR NINA SHAPIRO: Your story ["Discovering Angus," Aug. 29] misrepresents me and my scholarly work. I am not an advocate of intelligent design, but instead a Darwinian scholar who believes in classical liberal education. I have found that students learn best when teachers have the freedom to expose them to competing ideas and arguments—even in science and even if some of those arguments challenge ideas I personally favor. That is why I am a fellow of Discovery Institute—the scientists and scholars there share my commitment to liberal education, even if many disagree with me about the status of Darwin's theory. The reason I did not use all three of my names was because they do not fit well on a yard sign. Voters of North Mason can be assured that as a school board member, I know that it is not my place to advance any particular curriculum or educational philosophy.John (Angus) Campbell, Ph.D.

Candidate, North Mason School Board, Position 4


HOLA MI MUY ESTIMADO GUSTAVO: Soy un lector regular de la publicacion del Seattle Weekly y me siento muy satisfecho con la forma en que tratas todos los diferentes topicos que te presentan. La verdad sea dicha es muy emocionante como tratas a las diferentes etnias y personas con un caracter de desenfado, pero satirico y al punto medular a la ves, gracias por demostrar que existe cultura y educacion ydignidad del otro lado del rio, y el esfuerzo que haces al controlarte ante tantos embates racistas que se han disparado frenetica y sistematicamente en todo este gran pais. Adelante con todo y demostremos que el odio no lleva a ningun lugar, y sigamos a la ves contribuyendo a este gran pais, que nos a dado tanto, y sentirse orgulloso de las noblezas y fusionde las dos sangres, que han forjado a grandes hombres y mujeres, enhorabuena y defiende lo que es justo.Mario Gallardo



DEAR EDITOR: Thanks for finally dropping that thing from the writer posing as a "Seattle" stereotype. Best to let the self-righteousness (and, for my money, the tribalism) of the Northwest P.C. posse languish and die a quiet, unmourned death.James Early


The editor responds: Sorry, James, the Seattleite was just away on assignment.

Correction: On p. 21 of last week's issue, the young man holding a skateboard in the center of the photo was identified as Andrew Cameron. He was actually Tyler Ives.

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