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26 Haven The world debut of Toronto artist Ed Pien's large-scale installation. Bellevue Arts Museum.

29 Michelle Fried See what gets produced from a week's enforced confinement in the gallery. The artist will create an installation reimagining her autobiography from age 8 to 18, which she calls "the richest in social, cultural, and personal confusion." Crawl Space, 504 E Denny Way, No. 1.

30 SOIL 2007 Art Auction One of the Tashiro Kaplan Building's most happening studios, SOIL hosts its gala of "Explosively Exemplary Art by SOIL and Friends" tonight. Greg Kucera Gallery.


2 A Forest for the Trees From the Henry's Monsen Collection of Photography, historical and contemporary photographs of...trees! Henry Art Gallery.

4 Katrina Moorhead A Northern Ireland native who was in the most recent Venice Biennale, she shows a wooden sculpture of a pair of DeLorean gull-wing doors, inspired by the separate doors to the DeLorean factory in Belfast: one for Catholics, one for Protestants. James Harris Gallery.

4 Joanna Thomas We're not sure what her theme is this time, but Thomas' previous show here—involving collage over 19th-century French engravings—was a pleasing, funny comment on art. Punch Gallery, 119 Prefontaine Place S.

4 Drew Daly See Picks.

4 Ben Hirschkoff Installation and assemblages that examine metaphor and pretense in the portrayal of nature. Gallery4Culture.

5 Creepshow Photographers Diane Fenster, Carol Golemboski, and Maura Sullivan reveal their spookily sinister dark sides. Photographic Center Northwest.

6 Russel Wright "Living With Good Design" organizes the industrial designer's housewares and appliances (midcentury household mainstays) in chronological order to show his design evolution. Bellevue Arts Museum.

6 Georgia O'Keeffe A 28-work retrospective of paintings by this well-loved modernist, with photos by Alfred Stieglitz. Vancouver Art Gallery, 750 Hornby St., Vancouver, B.C.,

11 Susie J. Lee An installation of a rainstorm, a "large-scale aqueous sculpture with projections of dripping oil," and video sculpture.Lawrimore Project.

11 Help Me, I'm Hurt Curated by Weekly contributor Suzanne Beal, this show explores expressions of pain. With work by Gretchen Bennett, Dawn Cerny, Susan Robb, Samantha Scherer, and Camille Slack. Kirkland Arts Center.

11 Gaylen Hansen More than 30 works from the Washington-based neo-Expressionist painter. Seattle Art Museum.

12 Cathy Sarkowsky Sea horses and jellyfish play on bold graphic backgrounds in her "Fantastic Creatures" paintings. Fetherston Gallery.

13 Jay Ryan/Diane Sudyka Silk-screeners and illustrators extraordinaire depict Ernest Shackleton's expedition in their "Arctic" works on paper. OKOK Gallery.

16 Beverly Rayner Rayner's intriguing mixed-media sculptures using found photographs. G. Gibson Gallery.

20 Day of the Dead The museum's annual two-week celebration of Dia de los Muertos kicks off with an interactive tapete (traditional sand painting) and a display of ornate community altars. Tacoma Art Museum, 1701 Pacific Ave., Tacoma, 253-272-4258.

27 Joe Sacco "Palestine," an exhibit of work from the artist's breakthrough 2002 graphic novel. Fantagraphics Bookstore & Gallery, 1201 S. Vale St., 658-0110.


1 Kathryn Altus "Elevation," oils of Israel, Palestine, and the Pacific Northwest. Lisa Harris Gallery.

1 Garret Keith Optical trickery via new cut-and-assembled paper works. Gallery4Culture.

1 Steve Jensen "Voyager" shows the carver's wooden boats, built to symbolize the crossing-over journey. Cornish College Gallery, 1000 Lenora St., 726-5011.

3 Dreaming the Emerald City The collections of Charles and Emma Frye (primarily German and Austrian art from the 19th and early 20th centuries) and Horace C. Henry (focused on American and French paintings from the same era) are brought together for the first time. Frye Art Museum.

8 Body Image Artists including Lynn Brofsky, Steven Miller, Juan Carlos Castellanos, and Elizabeth Jameson make unique statements on the human figure. SAM Gallery, Seattle Tower, 1220 Third Ave., 343-1101.

10 Grant Barnhart See Picks.

15 Cat Clifford and Jenny Heishman New works by two great, playful (even cheeky) artists. Howard House.

15 Roger Shimomura Shimomura's bold paintings make aesthetic and political comparisons between contemporary America and traditional Japan, using imagery that can be straightforward or (literally) comic. Greg Kucera Gallery.

17 Innersphere Sculptor Rik Allen's retro-futuristic glass and metal reflects a lifelong fascination with technology design. Experience Music Project.

30 But Seriously, Folks "Funny Art and Its Deeper Meanings" from eight artists including Dawn Cerny and Alice Tippet, Erik Geschke, and show curator Barbara Noah. Francine Seders Gallery.


6 Shawn Patrick Landis An inflatable installation with "common outdoor objects" trapped inside. Gallery4Culture.

14 Shag Break out the swizzle sticks—the world's most famous tiki/retro/kitsch illustrator is back at the Rue. Roq La Rue Gallery, 2312 Second Ave., 374-8977.

18 Threads that Bind Works by Pacific Northwest African American Quilters. Tacoma Art Museum.

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