Eating Well at Husky Stadium

As sports concessions go, this place is a bargain.

Sports concessions are, by their very nature, a total rip-off. The key question, then, is not whether you're getting ripped off, but how badly you're getting ripped off. And by that measure, Husky Stadium is an absolute bargain. Paying $3 for a hot dog doesn't hurt nearly as much as being gouged for a $5–$6 tube steak, as would occur at a Mariners or Seahawks game.

Then again, if you're canny enough to wolf down a cream-cheese dog on Occidental or at U Village prior to these sporting events, you might avoid this captive racket altogether. But if you're a fat ass like me, for whom the very whiff of concession food forces one's wallet open, Husky Stadium's a relatively safe refuge. The boiled wieners are sufficiently moist and large, the Pepsi cold, the buns fluffy. Pretty hard to fuck up.

But here's where I've got beef (tar har!): Why would it not be possible to grill, versus boil and heat, these dogs? I recognize that when you're serving a high volume of hungry, drunken fans, boiling wieners is a far more efficient option. But would it be too much to ask for university brass to designate a couple of specialized barbecued dog pits in the stadium, just to see how things go? These are the Dawgs' dogs we're talking about; it would be awfully cool if they weren't so garden variety.

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