Decibel Fest: The Return of Caro

Decibel kicked off its inaugural year in 2004 with an Orac Records showcase, and now returns to form by inviting the label's stacked cast of all-star house and techno producers back to the Baltic Room. It's the spot where Randy Jones (aka Caro, Orac co-founder) hosted the first Orac night in 2000, which led to the highly successful Robotrash weekly, where Jones, Jerry Abstract, Kuri Kondrak, and Kris Moon rocked for several years. "That night was an incredibly important weekly ritual for me for two years, and a meeting place for a lot of the people who are now keeping the flames of Seattle's dance scene burning," Jones says.

Championing Northwest house and techno for nearly five years, Orac has helped boost the careers of some of the region's most recognizable producers, including Bruno Pronsato, Strategy, Solenoid, and Caro himself. The label celebrated its 25th release on Sept. 17, with veteran minimalist techno producer Philippe Quenum's dreamy-sounding 12-inch, "Acalanto/Glasgow."

Orac has never been shy in its promulgation of a very classic house and techno sound—an aesthetic with direct lineage to the greats from Chicago and Detroit, harkening back even further to disco's flamboyant dance-floor essence. The label's international acclaim rests largely on its embracing the basics of dance music.

"They're instrumental in helping revitalize house, especially Caro's classic 'My Little Pony,' which really is one of the most swinging tracks this region has ever produced," says Portland-based house/dub wunderkind Strategy. Catch him at Thursday's momentous showcase, along with labelmates Jon McMillion, Caro, and Konstantin Gabbro.

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