Def Leppard

Your favorite prom songs, no tux required

Be sure to stock up on AquaNet hairspray and ripped, acid-washed jeans because Def Leppard is coming to rock your world like it’s 1984. No, wait. Styx are playing too, so forget the hairspray. Don’t even take a shower before putting on your paisley, wide-lapel shirt and reliving 1974. Shit. You’re right. It is 1984. Styx is still popular and Def Leppard is tearing up the charts right next to Foreigner. This is either the greatest prom-night flashback of all time or another tour of VH1 bands that some people still claim to like. I know a guy who claims that Styx are the worst band of all time and “Mr. Roboto” their worst song. But you can dance to it--that’s what counts. Grab a wrist corsage, just for old times. Hell, wear the tuxedo T-shirt, too.

Wed., Sept. 26, 7 p.m., 2007

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