KEXP Rockabilly Ball

Get gussied—or greased—for this night on the town

I mean, the shack! If the Shack is a’ rockin,’ definitely open the door! KEXP DJ Leon Berman’s Shake the Shack is celebrating a major milestone with this year’s 20th Annual Rockabilly Ball. I’ve carried on more than once in these pages about what a great event this is, no matter if you’re a true-blue fan of the music or not. That isn’t to say the lineup isn’t packed with talent—tonight, the first in a three-day stretch, features Billy Joe and The Dusty 45’s, The Roy Kay Trio, Marshall Scott Warner Band, and an all-star tribute to Sun Records. (Check for a full festival lineup). But the atmosphere buzzes with an energy and style that’s thrilling to be a part of. If you need a reason to wear a magnolia in your hair, or roll up the sleeve of your greasy old T-shirt, here it is. Just don’t be a jerk—leave your switchblade at home.

Thu., Sept. 27, 8 p.m., 2007

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