Outsourced: SIFF Prize Winner Finally Reaches Theaters

Locally produced and the top prize winner at SIFF this year, Outsourced has all the charm and color of its made-in-India locations, yet it's crafted—well crafted—according to familiar Hollywood convention. Director John Jeffcoat and co-writer George Wing took the DIY route with their eminently salable script, in which an unhappy Seattle yuppie (Josh Hamilton, The House of Yes) is sent to train his replacement in India, where he meets a cute girl (Ayesha Dharker, The Terrorist) who causes him to reconsider his workaholic life. Yes, there are wandering cows, weird food, and the inevitable diarrhea jokes, but Outsourced has a gentle touch with the obvious fish-out-of-water touchstones. We, along with Hamilton, are immersed in monsoon hues of saffron and marigold. For this very uptight Seattleite, a festival dip in a holy river washes off more than just office grime. It also helps that Dharker, who labors in his cow-infested call center, is so winning—promote that woman to The Office already! Though somewhat mild and broad in its predictable proceedings, the movie would hardly be improved with, say, Luke Wilson and Salma Hayek (with Hindu bindi, no doubt) enacting the same rom-com scenario on a grander scale. Like the cheerfully ragged, flooded, cross-wired call center that Hamilton eventually builds in Gharapuri—complete with a shrine in every cubicle!—the low-cost alternative has a lot more character.

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