Nordic Knitting Conference

No bitching at this stitching extravaganza

During a four-hour train ride through the breathtaking terrain of Norway, it’s clear that one thing this country does not want for in the least (in addition to clean streets, healthcare, and striking genes) is a burgeoning population of sheep. The hills, fields, and fjords are dotted with them as far as the eye can see. What to do with all that warm, fuzzy wool? Well, since we can’t grow it, we’ve got to wear it, and the Nordic Knitting Conference is here to show you how the Scandinavians do it. Knit, that is. They’ve wrangled a panel of experts that hail from all across the region (Iceland, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and Norway), to shed some light on their needle-clacking skills. The mystery of the beautiful patterns of Viking designs, folk-inspired imagery, and striking snowflakes will fall away like wool from a razor under their expert tutelage. It’s one more way, at least, to keep warm during the cold months ahead.

Oct. 5-7, 2007

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