Sausage Fest, Bra!

A meaty great time in Everett

Bro, I hope this party’s not going to be a total sausage fest. I mean, there’d better be chicks there. Beers, barbecue, bands, babes, bros—hell yes, dude, this is how I want to spend m’weekend. But if it’s just dudes, no thanks. Wait—what? There’s a sausage fest in E-Town that’s not, um, actually a sausage fest. You mean, like, the literal meaning of sausage, as in brats ‘n shit. With babes, bands, Bavarian beer, and carnival rides to boot? Whoa, bro, that’s like Disneyworld for adults. I’m there, bra. So there. Fuck yeah!

Oct. 5-7, noon-midnight, 2007

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