World of Nerdcraft

The Olympics of cybergaming

Until my friend Derek faced the grim reality that he couldn’t be a superior gamer without dropping out of college or losing his girlfriend, he maintained a strict regime that consisted of going to an Internet café each day, Monday through Friday, to play five hours of World of Warcraft. He usually ate before and after these hours because consuming food during the game could be a costly distraction. He threw around terms like “guild” and “warlock” as though they were as universal as remarking upon the weather. The freaky thing is that Derek, obsessed as he was, was just a peon in the gaming world. The 2007 World Cyber Games Grand Final is coming to Seattle and its roster is intense. More than 700 players from 75 countries, many of whom get paid to play games, will compete for the title of world champion at this tournament. The strategy and perseverance necessary to be this good at video games is mind-blowing. If you enjoy people who make awkward conversation or want to pick up some gaming pointers and really L2p (learn to play, duh), then this is something you don’t want to miss.

Thu., Oct. 4, 2-6 p.m.; Oct. 5-7, 10 a.m.-6 p.m., 2007

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