Delirious: Gina Gershon Is Cougar-Hot

Almost an oxymoron, this stalkarazzi fairy tale constantly threatens to split apart, as writer-director Tom DiCillo (Living in Oblivion) can't quite sort out his feelings about the subject matter. Does he hate the low-rent paparazzo played by Steve Buscemi, hate the whole insipid celebrity-tabloid economy? Or, despite the ridiculous star-versus-photographer haggling over access, exclusives, publicists, and guest lists, can he still see that scene as a kind of enchanted wonderland, a chance for a handsome, homeless kid (Michael Pitt) to realize his dreams? I say embrace the oxymoron, and I think DiCillo—a better cinematographer than writer—feels the same way. Buscemi is past the point in his career when he can really play a detestable creep, no matter how many "fuck"s DiCillo puts in his mouth. And Pitt exudes such an irresistible, dumb sweetness that no villain could truly hate him. His destiny is to be a kind of MTV2 Prince Charming for a pop princess (Alison Lohman), and to him the angry flashbulbs look more like shooting stars. If Delirious is inconsistent in tone, maybe that's because DiCillo has finally learned to laugh at everything that used to make him retch. Extra bonus: a cougar-hot, surprisingly funny Gina Gershon; give that woman a TV show already!

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