Chopin Martini With a Twist at the Alibi

A new feature about drinking like a pro.

Sure, the bartender at your local bar makes your pineapple-cherry cosmo just like you like it, but what does he mix up for himself? Introducing a new Voracious feature in which we collar bartenders and ask them to make us their favorite drink. Read more at Name: Rachel Hoover Bar: Alibi Room, 85 Pike St., Ste. 410 (in Pike Place Market), 623-3180, What's your drink of choice? Chopin martini with a twist. Vermouth? I don't know why people use vermouth anymore. Why this drink? My fiancé likes it, too. I was a salty (gin) martini girl. He turned me onto these. It's really good if it's your day off and you want to go for the real deal. Will gin ever be as hip as vodka? [What's hip] is whatever they put in magazines. Like mom jeans. Mom jeans? Go in any clothing store. For denim, they're selling mom jeans. You own a pair? No. I'm known for my butt crack hanging out the back of my pants. Weekly taster's analysis: I love it. It's my drink of choice, except I drink Tanqueray—which makes the martinis identical yet completely different. No fooling around with vermouth, ice, or mixers. Just high-quality spirits that go down easy.

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