Hazlewood: Child of the Dust, DJ El Toro, Damp Panther ...

Same DNA

1 a.m.

"They heard I was good, they wanna see if it's true": The mixtape Where I'm At, from Dan Ames (DJ Same DNA), opens with Cassie's summer jam layered on a house breakbeat, and flows oh so smoothly into mashed-up funk, soul, and hip-hop of the most feel-good variety. This crate-digger works almost every day of the week somewhere, and hosts Trashy Trash once a month at the Sunset, where he brings an eclectic bunch of bands (like Truckasaurus and the Suffering Fuckheads) to back up his wonderfully schizo style. Yes, it's all good. RACHEL SHIMP

Child of the Dust

12 a.m.

This enigmatic DJ has hit the decks next to Pretty Girls Make Graves and Aqueduct, where somebody from the P-I said she "spun better music than the bands in between sets." What that music was exactly, we can't be sure, but she's also a fixture at Hazlewood's Sonic Boom DJs night, so it's safe to say this child will bring first-class knowledge and good taste to the party. RACHEL SHIMP

DJ El Toro

11 p.m.

Ho, Toro! Kurt B. Reighley's DJ skills have been grabbing folks by the horns since 1996, whether it's at your friendly local, opening for Eddie Vedder or the Scissor Sisters [or co-DJ'ing our music editor's wedding with Scott Giampino—Ed.], or, currently, on KEXP in the wee hours of Wednesday mornings. He's got the skills to pay the bills. RACHEL SHIMP

Ironic Moniker

10 p.m.

Irony trumps irony. Why bother trying to come up with a stage name for yourself when you can just make fun of the whole idea of coming up with a name for yourself? Ironic Moniker rules! Actually, it's Joe Markiewicz, frontman for local indie-pop outfit Lillydale. BRIAN J. BARR

Damp Panther

10 p.m.

Hell yeah! Drew Church, the owner of this fine establishment, is kicking off an evening at Hazlewood with his own DJ set as Damp Panther. Perhaps he'll christen the evening with a few tracks from his bar's namesake. In memoriam, of course (R.I.P. Lee Hazlewood). BRIAN J. BARR

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