Pleasureboaters Frontman Ricky Claudon Fields Our Juvenile Questions

Sassy style.

If Sassy magazine were still in existence, the Pleasureboaters' dirty Catholic schoolboy demeanors would get them tagged with "Cute Band Alert" status in a heartbeat. However, bad-boyish good looks have little to do with what's made them one of SW's favorite new local bands. Gross, their freshly minted debut for Don't Stop Believin' Records, is everything a precocious pack of punks could want: acid-gargling vocals as a vehicle for smart, twisted lyrics that vacillate between the obtuse ("Elliptical Realism") and the inane ("Leopard Print Babywear"); thickly sliced, freakishly melodic bass lines; and off-the-rails drumming that threatens to send the whole beautiful mess off a cliff, even as it's anchoring it on the precipice.

Guitarist and larynx shredder Ricky Claudon fears squirrels but little else, so we knew he'd be game for just the sort of idiotic inquisition Sassy might have drummed up back in the day.

First rock show you went to?

My hip older brother Ryan (five years my senior) took me to see my first rock show when I was 13 or 14. It was the Murder City Devils and Tight Bros From Way Back When. MCD lit the stage on fire (not a metaphor), and at the time I thought to myself in wonder, "I didn't know this was allowed."

Best Halloween costume you've ever had?

My past costumes have always been ill-conceived. However, this year I am going for a two-night stint. Night one: VAMPIRE JESUS. Night two: VEGAN WEREWOLF!

Where would you live if money were no object?

Nova Scotia; I have unfinished business in Nova Scotia.

What would we find in your band's practice space?

The likeness of Yngwie Malmsteen.

The worst lie you ever told?

"Mom, help me! I have double vision!"

The last thing that scared you senseless?

I have a number of fears that follow me around, especially of city-dwelling animals. It may sound absurd, and assuredly it is, but every time I see a squirrel close up I imagine it diving kamikaze into my belly button. If you had the vision I had, maybe YOU would be scared of these deceiving creatures, scampering around with their Darwinian agenda.

Your least favorite part of being in a band?

Things break all the time, little things. It's all expensive.

Fill in the blank:

The grossest word in the English language is...milk (as a verb).

The most overrated musical skill is...scat.

The greatest misconception about the Pleasureboaters is...that we are called the PleasureBONERS.

The stupidest idea I've had in the last year was...saying, "Hey everyone! There's a pool in my apartment building!"

Choose one:

Iron Maiden or Judas Priest?


Locked in a white room with 10 clowns or locked in a dark room with Carrot Top?

I'd feel safer with the clown folk.

Sex Pistols or Clash?

Sex Pistols, I guess.

Early Michael Jackson or current Justin Timberlake?

I like Off the Wall, sort of.

Johnny Cash or Tom Waits?

Tom Waits is what I prefer.

Reverb or feedback?

I'd like to say both. But I think I'll choose slap delay, which obviously isn't a choice. However, I feel compelled to answer the questions truthfully.

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