The BalMar: DJ Sinister Torch ...

DJ dAb

1 a.m.

This fixture on Seattle's house scene has recorded with Donald Glaude as the duo Digital Pimp, but he pimps himself solo all over town these days, playing deep and funky house, techno, electro, progressive, and whatever else strikes his fancy. His late-night set at the BalMar will keep you from slipping into a Bal-martini coma. RACHEL SHIMP

Claude Balzac

12 a.m.

Have ya heard the news flash? A scene young'un, Balzac had a breakthrough at Fourthcity's Laptop Battle Teen Idol Survivor—a triumph that landed him as co-host at the monthly Trashy Trash. There he plays house, disco, electro, Baltimore club, baile funk, and other booty-bouncing beats. RACHEL SHIMP

DJ Stupid Fresh

11 p.m.

"And when I say stupid I mean stupid fresh."—Beastie Boys

DJ BadEmpire

10 p.m.

It takes a strong act to help hype our own masters of self-promotion the Saturday Knights, but DJ BadEmpire has done exactly that, appropriately pumping up the crowd at Neumo's last July via a mix of vinyl and digital tunes. His real name is Josh Ayala, and you may have seen him onstage elsewhere with his band, the Vomiting Unicorns. BRIAN J. BARR

DJ Sinister Torch

9 p.m.

Much like Cops member Drew Church, who is kicking off the night with a DJ set at the bar he co-owns, Hazlewood, Brandon Bay, the newest member of the Cops, will be kicking off a night of DJ sets at the BalMar as DJ Sinister Torch. BRIAN J. BARR

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