Dappled Cities

Thursday, October 11

I could recommend Dappled Cities for their spirited Aussie take on indie rock/90's brit pop delivered with an unbridled enthusiasm usually reserved for coked-out starlets hawking Neutrogena face wash. Or recommendations could be in order because they list the Flaming Lips, Grandaddy, and Elvis impersonators as influences and one band member calls himself Tit Tittycourt But I'm going for the shallow sell. I am recommending them because they are yummy, really yummy, yummier than your granny's Thanksgiving dinner if it had an Australian accent, yummy. They have that diverse thing (the chubby one, the elfish lead singer, the nerdy one and a couple of pretty boys thrown in for good measure) that sparks DIY “I heart insert your favorite here” t-shirts. I'm not even sure which one he is, but just because the jokes too easy, I want mine to read “I Heart Tit”. With Figurines and Builders & Butchers.

Listen to a sample of Dappled Cities' "Fire Fire Fire."

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Thu., Oct. 11, 9 p.m., 2007

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