A party to lure you away from your keyboard

Hackers, networkers, and technocrats unite at Thingamajiggr, a Capitol Hill dork-fest (affectionately speaking) co-hosted by O’Reilly Radar and Waggle Labs. DJs, local art, and many a cell phone will be on hand at this gathering for everyone who is part of or appreciates the local tech community—i.e. roughly everyone in Seattle. That said, tickets are limited (to 200 attendees), and you’ll need a password to get one, obtainable from Proceeds will be donated to the technological charity of your elected choice. You can have your fun participating in questionably legal activities, then donate the profits to a cause you believe in. It’s just like a Clinton fundraiser. Plus there’s Pablos, the hacker magician, live and on stage. Geeky good times will ensue. Location TBA.

Fri., Oct. 12, 8 p.m., 2007

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