Welcome to the Dollhouse

Drag queens and comediennes on the Hill

Yes, but you have to pay to see these ones! A certain co-worker of mine over on the dark side (the ad department) has been perfecting her stand-up act, and recently got a bunch of us out to Neighbours’ weekly cabaret, House of Dolls, where she performed. Before her raunchy tirades on Rosie the Riveter and sex with pop rocks got underway, though, we witnessed a Diana Ross impersonator, various lip-synchers, some amateur burlesque, and the Hands of Kali belly-dancers, who can make even Rage Against the Machine seem scorchingly sexy. This variety show was MC’d by the hilarious Dominatrix Roxy and Jesse Volt, and at times by one Mr. Ryan Hazy. His show-stealing Elton John routine—red glittered platforms and all—is reason enough to go back. He may not repeat the same act, but that man is a doll.

Tuesdays, 10:30 p.m., 2007

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