Monday, October 22

If Digitalism is dance-punk, then thank God it’s worked out that way, while well-meaning artists previously cursed with that moniker (‘allo, Hot Hot Heat) have vanished into same-y obscurity. By contrast, this German duo, only together since 2004, match punk sass with highly enjoyable, and danceable, electro-pop that doesn’t seem immediately dated. Singles like “Pogo”—one Block Party could’ve made had they the inclination to be ravers—are played out by guys like Justice and Boys Noize, as well as Digitalism’s remixes for everybody from the Klaxons to the Cure. This is before-the-moment music that miraculously manages not to be annoying; just watch out for the haircuts at the party.

Listen to a sample of Digitalism's "POGO."

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Mon., Oct. 22, 8 p.m., 2007

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