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Scaling the Most Eligible Boulder

His name even rhymes with “karma.” Elite rock climber Chris Sharma attracts plenty of attention as he trots amiably around the globe, sampling stone in a variety of countries, in this hour-long documentary. Is he the best boulder artist in the world, the most famous, the most overexposed? Leave that for the gym rats from Stone Gardens and Vertical World to debate after the screening. The reason why his chiseled, shirtless torso has appeared on the covers of so many climbing mags is obvious: He’s so quietly, boyishly sexy. Guys can admire his screaming athleticism as he clings to dime-edge holds dozens of feet off the deck, while gals can just…admire (sigh). He’s like a topsy-headed Neal Cassady, as much a charismatic beatnik as driven stone freak. This mellow child of hippies exudes a Zen indifference as to whether he cracks the latest problem rated V14 or higher. And Mr. Sensitivity is vulnerable, too, like a damaged puppy. After watching him discuss his late mother in the film, female climbers will doubtlessly be up late on Google to see if he has a girlfriend. (NR).

Wed., Oct. 17, 7:30 p.m., 2007

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