Sully’s Snowgoose Saloon

What’s this hoppy chalet doing on Phinney Ridge instead of in Leavenworth?

The two vintage pinball machines flush against the wall and hot dogs on the menu, paired with the Bavarian details, give Sully's Snowgoose Saloon the flavor of a working-class Shorty's located at the base of the peaks in Leavenworth rather than on the top of Phinney Ridge. The rest, though, is straight-up lodge style. Beneath the pitched-roof ceiling, taxidermied birds take flight along the walls without pretension and regulars line the bar at most hours of the day and night. Worn wooden tables, free-flowing pitchers of one of the 29 beers on tap, and colorful packages of flavorful, savory bites like Nacho Cheese Doritos make it the kind of homey place one might head to for an after-work pint and wind up staying long into the evening to talk neighborhood politics (the dog-friendly spot even holds its own canine-mascot election each year), sports, or just plain shit. In true saloon style, there's no hard liquor to be found, but they'll make sure the job gets done—whether it's with a few pints of Manny's or many of the lighter Auggie lagers (only $1.25 on Saturdays!). 6119 Phinney Ave. N., 782-9231.

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