A Literary Sampling of Jim McDermott’s Amen Corner


DEAR EDITOR: Regarding Aimee Curl's repulsive and mendacious attack on Jim McDermott ["Our Man in Lesotho," Oct. 10]: So pork and earmarks are a good thing? After years of corruption and scandal in the U.S. Congress, due to manipulating legislation for private and parochial gain, Aimee Curl decides to attack Congressman McDermott because he's not an abuser of that foul system?

It appears that Curl started with the idea that she was itching to slam McDermott and then filled in her blanks later. Right down to the unflattering photo on your cover—how long did Seattle Weekly search for that one, or was it doctored?—this was a shameful, slanderous screed that could have come from the likes of [KIRO radio host] Dori Monson or the Republican National Committee. Is Curl lobbying for a position with the next version of Swift Boat Veterans for Truth?

There's a reason Congressman McDermott wins by a landslide, year after year: He stands for what is right, and he is a true REPRESENTATIVE of the people who live in his district. I'm one of his many constituents who is extremely proud of Jim McDermott and very happy with his service.

Let's see how effective Curl's mendacious tirade is in November of 2008. My guess is that our congressman will get at least 70 percent of the vote despite the shrieks from little so-called "journalists" like Aimee Curl. Wanna bet?Steve NesichSeattle


DEAR AIMEE CURL: I noted with interest (who could miss it?) your long and prominently placed hit piece on Jim McDermott.Apparently he doesn't bring home enough pork or spend enough time kissing babies, and if we re-elect him for the 10th time it will be because we areinactive, disengaged, and lazy.

Here, gleaned from your article, is a list of the things McDermott wastes his time on: He acts like an "ambassador of leftist good will"; he is someone who can say "I told you so" about Iraq (which is one of the most annoying things about leftists); he introduced a bill to save the life of a man who was going to be deported to Bangladesh and executed; he tried to declare Seattle a "Hate-Free Zone" after 9/11; and so on and so forth. He was also the 11th congressman to sign up on Kucinich's bill of impeachment against Cheney. (When I shared that with friends all over the country, they all said they wanted to move to Seattle, just to have a representative who really represents them.)

"Is this the representation Seattle actually desires?" you ask. Of course it is. What friggin' city do you live in?Joel Levenson


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