Broken Social Scene Plays Kevin Drew

Friday, October 26

Canada is responsible for so many great things: Tim Horton’s, poutine, limp-dick cigarette warnings that make you really want to quit, and at least 10 stellar pop albums in the past few years. My vote for the best is Broken Social Scene’s You Forgot It in People, and those guys have been so busy with their solo endeavors that they haven’t played here since they supported that messy masterpiece in 2005. Now they’re backing BSS co-founder Kevin Drew. His Spirit If . . . is the first in a series of proposed solo albums by everyone in the band, although it sounds (as Pitchfork mused) like You Forgot’s follow-up. And from the man who contributed its sexiest song (“Lover’s Spit”), it has just the same energy and diversity.

Listen to a sample of Broken Social Scene's "Tbtf."

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Fri., Oct. 26, 8 p.m., 2007

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