The Cheap(er) Way to Snack at "Whole Paycheck"

Somebody has to sell gorgeous fruit, falafel that looks like hockey pucks, and ginger miso tofu at $7.99 a pound, so it might as well be Whole Foods. Each of the main bars in the self-serve area—salad, gourmet, global—are priced the same, which is a definite bonus. Not so is the fact that there are no scales for you to weigh your bounty on. A little deceptive, or do they just assume price isn't a concern for most of their shoppers? It very well may not be. I asked the woman in the cheese area if she could weigh my self-made quesadilla and enchilada, which came to about $10. This left me with just enough spare change for a mini-serving of salad and the aforementioned sugar bomb of a "natural" soft drink.

My meal was warm, fragrant, photogenic, and truly tasty. My tasting partner approved of everything, which we agreed wasn't spectacular but made for an above-average lunch. The chili verde had a soupy texture and citrusy flavor that I loved, but the rest was pretty standard. We were most impressed with the selection, and I was surprised that I got as much food for my $13 as I did here (half of my lunch is boxed up for later). I once worked at the place (not this location), and they don't call it "Whole Paycheck" for nothing.

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