Wear It Till It's Rank; Lessons Learned Riding Transit

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Seen At: Capitol Hill, Broadway Market QFC

Name: Hanad

Age: 19Where do you live? Columbia City.

Where do you work? Red Light.

What music do you like? Early '90s hip-hop and before-1985 punk.

Where do you buy clothes? Value Village. Sometimes American Apparel.

What are you doing for Halloween? Having a party. Being awesome.

What is your favorite article of clothing? Sperry shoes.

What would you call your style? Punk. Rock. Dude, I don't have a style. I wear what I wear until it starts to smell. — Nicole HopkinsValuable Lessons Learned While Riding the Bus at Noon on a Weekday From Downtown to BallardHomeless man 1: We gotta get in touch with Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan.Homeless man 2: Yeah? They'd look at you. They probably wouldn't even look at me.HM1: Yeah. Don't worry, though. We'll make it happen.HM2: They're probably just stuck-up bitches anyway.HM1: Yeah, probably. You know, I stay at the [mumble, mumble, can't make out the name] shelter. HM2: I never heard of that shelter.HM1: No one has. It's this really exclusive homeless shelter.HM2: Yeah?HM1: Yeah. It's like an exclusive club for homeless people. We got men and women.HM2: Yeah?HM1: Yeah, we got some babes in there, too.HM2: That's trouble.HM1: Nah, I like having girls around. Keeps me on my good behavior. We don't just sit around talking about pussy and shit. You know, I'll be happy as soon as I can get me a couple 24-ounce beers.HM2: Just don't drink too much. I don't drink that much beer. I can't. I'm taking medication.HM1: I can get started on my day just as soon as I get me two beers. You know, I come all the way to Ballard just to buy beer. It's the only place they still sell it for $1.— Jen Harper

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