Battles, Pleasureboaters

A dance-rock buzz band on their second tour of Seattle

Warp, what are you up to? The British label that stands for Weird And Radical Projects releases so much music, and I’ve been so obsessed with finding WARP58 (Autechre’s 1995 Garbage EP), that the bold new stuff they sign, like New York experimental band Battles (their Mirrored is WARP156), breezes right past me. SW contributor Travis Ritter tells me of Battles, “They put on a really good show…sometimes a little show-offy, but considering the pedigree of the musicians, that’s to be expected.” Their pedigrees, then? Oh, just that the guitarist was in math-rock-hero band Don Caballero, member Tyondai Braxton is the son of avant-garde jazz guy Anthony Braxton, and drummer John Stanier played in Helmet. “Stanier has a crash cymbal dangling seven feet in the air, that he has to reach with all his might to bring the song to a close,” explains Ritter. “And he sweats profusely, and everyone dresses stylish.” OK, sold.

Sat., Nov. 3, 8 p.m., 2007

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