Clive Barker

Fans: Don’t go out on a limb

You know Clive Barker whether you realize it or not—anyone heard of Hellraiser? In the late ‘80s I was tired of Stephen King and hadn’t yet jumped on the Anne Rice bandwagon when I discovered Barker, whose novel Weaveworld was the first I read, but certainly not the last. Just as good as that novel, which celebrates its 20th anniversary this month, are The Great and Secret Show and its sequel Everville, both not to be missed. Mr. Barker isn’t just a horror or fantasy writer, he is a storyteller and a damn fine one at that. His new book, Mr. B. Gone, is a “memoir” allegedly published in 1438, in which a demon embedded in the text speaks directly to the reader. I for one will be buying it as it’s been way too long since I’ve had a nice bloody evil read. At tonight’s discussion and signing of Mr. B. Gone, please keep in mind that Clive does not sign body parts.

Mon., Nov. 5, 7 p.m.; Tue., Nov. 6, 7 p.m., 2007

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