Haunted art and music this Halloween

I went to the Center on Contemporary Art’s summer party, and all I got was this lousy henna tattoo! Well, at least the art, curated by Rachelle Taylor, was compelling. So is her current exhibit at CoCA, "Necromorph," which features spooky work from talented types like Ben Hirschkoff, whose sculpture (evoking nature and industry in bright, plump plexiglass clouds and found piping) was most recently seen at 4Culture. Since CoCA moved from their home on Dexter to an events hall on Shilshole Bay, the art is unfortunately crammed into a hallway space, with cavernous room(s) remaining for buffets, dancing, and getting elegantly wasted. This summer, Taylor noted the transitional kinks with a positive outlook, although her event was a success. If you’re without a date for Halloween proper, give tonight’s “Boogie Monster” party (with a host of local DJs and a costume contest) a shot. But don’t let any strangers read your palm.

Oct. 11-Nov. 1, 2007

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