Parts & Labor + Sleepy Eyes of Death

Wednesday, October 31

It’s always lovely when a deserving local band gets to open for a touring national act that perfectly complements its aural aesthetic. In tonight’s case, it’s our own Sleepy Eyes of Death, whose celestial, intricately mapped approach to instrumental rock hits shoegazer sweet spots effortlessly, but with enough rustic, analog flashes to keep it human. The success of Brooklyn’s Parts & Labor is thanks to a similar recipe, though their strengths lie in their fearless approach to reaching outside their comfort zone toward distinctly noisier, artful territory, such as the gorgeous clatter of horns, strings, and merciless percussion that made this years’ Mapmaker (Jagjaguwar) such a compulsively listenable release. Welcome opens.

Wed., Oct. 31, 9 p.m., 2007

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