Purple Reign

Strategic shopping for regal attire

Have you been searching fruitlessly for the perfect brooch? How about the perfect off-the-shoulder turquoise tulle prom dress? For the 24th year in a row, Goodwill has hoarded its formal and vintage clothing and accessories, only to unleash them at once during this weekend’s Glitter Sale. Hoping to find our holiday sparklers on the cheap last year, colleague Adriana Grant and I began at noon to wade through a sea of ‘80s shoulder pads, golden tiger-emblazoned Cosby sweaters, and questionable cuts. Vying for our full-length views (wear a leotard or tights, there are no dressing rooms), my I-think-it’s-‘60s lace number was snatched from the rack I rested it on. This is tough stuff! And apparently the good stuff goes faster than you can say “Kelly LeBrock.” So arrive early, and be smashing.

Sat., Nov. 3; Sun., Nov. 4, 2007

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