Sic Alps

Monday, November 5

The problem with young celebutantes (aside from their obvious lack of education and underpants) is that they wank away all their time shopping and endorsing useless crap. If you’re 22, smokin’ hot, and ridiculously wealthy, why not follow and adopt a band like San Francisco’s Sic Alps? An arty, retro noise collective (think Brian Jonestown Massacre without any of the hippie shit or pristine production values), Sic Alps have the smarts and stage presence to make them watchable again and again. Being the benefactor of something so underground will give you boats o’ cred and a reason to do tons of drugs, plus it’ll provide you with a stable of skinny, unwashed boys to sleep with, while still leaving plenty of time for you to perfect your method of purging. Besides, band philanthropy is a much posher and more decadent pursuit than fighting with your BFF over some lamestain from The Hills. The Intelligence and Mountains and Rainbows open.

Listen to a sample of Sic Alps' "Arthur Machen."

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Mon., Nov. 5, 10:30 p.m., 2007

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